What to Expect During RENFLEXIS® Infusion

by | September 14, 2023


Infusion therapy has proven to be a game changer for individuals suffering from autoimmune disorders. Among infusion therapies available, RENFLEXIS has enabled many patients to reduce symptoms of their autoimmune illnesses and improve their quality of life. 

Let’s look at what RENFLEXIS® treats and what to expect during your RENFLEXIS infusion therapy at the PACT Infusion Center.

What is Renflexis?

While autoimmune disorders vary in name, symptoms, and characteristics, they have one thing in common— an overactive immune response. Autoimmune disorders arise when the body’s immune system goes into overdrive, attacking and destroying otherwise healthy organs, tissue, or other body systems.

RENFLEXIS is a prescription medication that treats a number of autoimmune disorders, including:

RENFLEXIS is a biologic medicine that blocks the tumor necrosis factor (TNF-alpha). In healthy immune systems, TNF is a protein that helps fight infections. In those with autoimmune diseases, however, TNF production goes into overdrive— causing the symptoms of autoimmune illness. By lowering TNF in the body, Renflexis suppresses overactive immune systems, which lowers inflammation, prevents it from attacking healthy tissues and organs, and reduces signs and symptoms of autoimmune illnesses. 

RENFLEXIS is biosimilar to REMICADE, and therefore offers similar benefits to patients. Many patients who receive RENFLEXIS infusion at the PACT Infusion Center experience less pain, inflammation, and autoimmune systems weeks after starting infusion therapy. 

Risks of RENFLEXIS Infusion

Side effects of RENFLEXIS are typically mild. With any medication, the potential for severe side effects does exist. Possible severe side effects of RENFLEXIS infusion include:


The cost for RENFLEXIS depends on insurance coverage. A staff member at PACT Infusion Center can help answer any questions you have about your RENFLEXIS infusion treatment, including information about insurance and cost. 

To learn more about insurance, co-pay assistance, and more, visit The Organon Access Program or call 866-847-3539 to speak with a representative. 

What to Expect During RENFLEXIS Infusion

During RENFLEXIS infusion, you’ll receive the medication as an intravenous (IV) infusion. This means a qualified member of your PACT Infusion care team will place a needle in your vein— most likely in an arm. 

Your dosage will depend on your weight. The infusion typically takes about 2 hours, during which you can relax and will be closely monitored. Within the first 6 weeks of treatment, you’ll receive 3 starting doses, followed by maintenance doses once every 6 to 8 weeks. 

Tips for RENFLEXIS Infusion

We’ll work closely with your provider to determine the right course of your infusion therapy. Once you arrive at PACT Infusion Center, you’ll have access to free on-site parking, WiFi, Netflix, and television in our state-of-the-art infusion center. Other tips to keep in mind include:

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Our center is open Monday through Friday and accepts all major insurances, including full Medicare and Medicaid participation. We coordinate closely with referring providers. 

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