Refer a Patient

Work with our staff to refer a patient and set up their first infusion appointment or give us a call at (203) 281-5114.

How to Refer a Patient

Providers not on HHC EPIC can call our center at 203-281-5114

Providers on HHC EPIC may send an internal EPIC referral see below:

EPIC Referral
Amb Referral to GI Infusion
Class: Internal Referral
To dept spec: Gastroenterology
Infusion Medication Requested: Specify medication
Comments: ________________

Baseline Immunization Protocols for Biologic Therapy

Remicade, Inflectra, Entyvio, Stelara, Skyrizi, and Tysabri

1. TB testing prior to first treatment:

a. Quantiferon Gold: Negative (if indeterminate then repeat test, if still indeterminate then send for PPD, if patient continues with indeterminate results it is up to MD discretion regarding patients epidemiological risk)

b. CXR PA/Lat: Negative for latent TB

c. If patient positive for active TB: Biologic therapy is contraindicated

d. If patient has latent TB (positive quant gold or PPD but negative cxr): Physician to decide further course of treatment prior to biologic therapy

2. Hepatitis testing prior to first treatment:

a. Hepatitis B surface antigen
b. Hepatitis B surface antibody
c. Hepatitis B core antibody (total)

If any are positive, consult with physician prior to starting biologic therapy

3. All biological patients to be seen by prescribing physician every 6 months

4. All biologic patients to have routine lab monitoring including CBC w/o diff and hepatic function panel every 8 weeks, additional labs at discretion of the MD.

Get In Contact

If you are a patient or a physician that has questions about our infusion therapy services or needs to get in touch with our staff, contact us today.